Why Choose UK English College

Students Learning Focused Learning Program

UK English College uses its students as its focal point. We take into mind your learning needs, learning differences and cultural identity whilst also providing a pure learning experience designed to provide maximum utility for future study or work inside Australia or internationally.

Our student services are focused on making sure we provide our students with every resource they need to thrive in our college. This includes all of our services outside the classroom such as information on living in Sydney, accomodation, work opportunities for students in Australia and all other vital information you may need.

Qualified Education Personnel

Our team at UK English College is more than qualified to provide you with the best learning experience you need. Our management team is backed by over 25 years shared experience in the education industry and our trainers are some of the best in the industry. This ensures the quality of the education we provide is above standard and allows our students to thrive after completion of the course in real world environments.

UK English College Optimal Location

At Level 3, 303 Pitt Street Sydney, UK English College is located in the heart of Sydney’s CBD (Central Business District), this means that the college is a short walk from world-renowned tourist locations such as Sydney Aquarium, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Opera House, various international-standard shopping malls and an abundance of restaurants and cafes.

Goal Intended learning

At UK English College we understand that different students have different goals and are working towards different things. Whether that be an improved IELTS score, or Cambridge score or general improvement in university or college, UK English College can and will cater to the needs of each individual student. We believe working together with our students enables the greatest results.

Supportive Learning Programs

At UK English College we offer supportive learning programs to help students cope with moving to a foreign country and studying our English course. We offer students our computer room to assist with online learning activities and provide our students with extra content to ensure the learning needs are being met.